Sweet & Sour review – a breezy, long-distance rom-com with a big, necessary move we know long-distance is rough.


Sweet & Sour exists as a paint-by-numbers intimate comedy depicting the problem of young love, specifically for those residing a huge selection of kilometers aside. But Lee Gye-byeok has one twist to help make the movie (hardly) get noticed.


Sweet & Sour exists as a paint-by-numbers comedy that is romantic the problem of young love, especially for those residing a huge selection of miles aside. But Lee Gye-byeok has one twist to really make the movie (hardly) be noticeable.

This summary of the Netflix film Sweet & Sour will not include spoilers — the South Korean rom-com had been released in the streaming solution on June 4, 2021.

Lee Gye-byeok’s Sweet & Sour , Netflix’s South Korean romantic comedy, starts with a hepatitis client into the medical center. The individual begins a flirtatious, odd relationship with Da-eun (Chae Soo-bin), a young nurse whom asks to call him “Hyeok.” Due to the fact 20-something client gets healthiest during the period of 90 days, their relationship gets to be more than just chatter, gearing up towards a holiday journey for xmas. Then, thirty minutes in, he looks different.

Da-eun continues to be dating a guy called Hyeok, but he’s more fit, a bit less jealous, and apparently more come up with. a various actor shows up in this relationship, Jang Ki-yong. The 2 function with a long-distance relationship as Hyeok is utilized in a bigger architectural design company in Seoul. The next hour for the movie plays away while you might expect. Hyeok works later nights, Da-eun keeps her shifts that are late a healthcare facility, additionally the two gradually move aside.

Nevertheless, Sweet & Sour keeps an atmosphere of oddity, as Hyeok satisfies a girl, Bo-yeong (Krystal wapa recenze Jung), at their company, a differnt one for the contractual employees, forging a love-hate relationship to be remembered as effective. They invest every together, hammering through projects, rising up the ranks night. This period continues nearly to an incessant quantity because the audience watches the slog that is daily of young people’s life. The narrative stalls, waiting for Hyeuk to make a move on either woman, just for the story to progress with little comedy or intrigue.

In a course of 10 minutes, Da-eun becomes expecting, has an abortion

While the relationship dates back to failing, showing the stress of long-distance because of this few. Sweet & Sour continues to be thinking about checking out the difficulties of the relationships, but it offers a dedication to taking a look at faithfulness within dating, searching into this subject with varying quantities of success. Hyeuk struggles to determine if he should cheat with Bo-yeong, who he’s grown keen on, along with the building doorman shutting down any office lights each night, while Da-eun keeps on investing later evenings during the medical center, looking forward to her boyfriend which will make life-altering decisions.

Although the movie follows a clear and apparent setup, it is true of broke in its last 5 minutes, a summary that seems both unearned and batshit-crazy in execution. Lee’s got guts to finish an easy movie with a convoluted ending, and also the figures appear since confused once we are whenever all the twists are exposed. However it creates a more film that is exciting pressing one to look right right back over the course of the 100-minute movie with a different lens, certainly one of confused interest rather than strengthened boredom.

Sweet & Sour will feel trite through to the last five full minutes, nonetheless it deserves credit for setting up clues that perhaps the many specific movie sleuths likely won’t follow. The credits roll in this case, it doesn’t matter if the ending is earned because this brand of film rarely takes a swing by the time. If nothing else, Lee swung when it comes to fences during the final minute, ready to decide to try one thing brand brand new, aside from its overall effect on the film-watching experience. And that deserves a way of measuring credit, though it won’t overshadow shakily drawn figures, uninspired cinematography, and reasonable acting that won’t elevate a fair script.

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